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What are some of the precautions to be taken by mobile app developers to ensure security of the app?

With the rise in the mobile apps organizations are embracing this technology in order to enhance their communications and increase productivity. Mobile apps have now become an active part of every company.

However, if there is one critical aspect that many businesses and users overlook is whether or not mobile applications are secure, as mobile apps are one of the prime targets for malicious activity. 

So how do organizations safeguard their apps while enjoying the benefits that these apps provide? Here are some of the precautions to be taken by mobile app developers to ensure security of the apps:

Write a Secure Code

mobile application security - Write a Secure Code

Bugs are the starting point most attackers use to break into applications. So it is important to keep the security of your code in mind from day one, making it tough to break through. Obfuscate and minify your code so that it cannot be reverse engineered and also test it repeatedly to fix bugs as and when they are exposed. It is also important to keep your code agile so that it can be updated at the user end post a breach.

Encrypt All Data

Encrypt All Data

Every unit of data that is exchanged over your app must be encrypted so that even if the data is stolen, there’s nothing that the criminals can read and misuse.

Use Authorized APIs Only

mobile application security - Use Authorized APIs Only

APIs that aren’t authorized/loosely coded can unintentionally grant a hacker privileges that can be misused.  It also gives attackers a loophole through which they can hijack the privileges. It is also recommended that the APIs be authorized centrally for maximum security.

Use High-Level Authentication

Use High-Level Authentication

It is extremely important to use stronger authentication, as some of the biggest security breaches happen due to weak authentication. You can design your apps in such way that it only accepts strong alphanumeric passwords that should be renewed every three to six months. In case of overly sensitive apps, biometric authentication can be used as well.

The above mentioned are some of the precautions that will help you keep your app security tight and your clients and users happy. At Techcedence you can experience the benefits of highly secure and robust apps, that work seamlessly across multiple platforms.