A comprehensive solution that covers the entire spectrum of asset management


A comprehensive solution that covers the entire spectrum of asset management

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An All In One Asset Tracking Management Solution

Are you looking for an In-depth, advanced yet affordable asset tracking solution that records all your assets to give you full visibility and helps you make smarter decisions? TracAssets is the answer!

TracAssets is a powerful and ready to use asset management software solution to track a company’s fixed assets. TracAssets allow taking complete control of organization assets and streamline asset management using barcode and RFID technology.

Many leading organizations already take advantage of TracAssets as a powerful asset tracking solution. Now it’s your turn!

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How TracAssets Will Make You Unstoppable

TracAssets as a comprehensive asset management software solution offers an all inclusive asset management system.

It is powerful, easy to use and is a trusted asset tracking system to track your company’s fixed assets, streamlining asset management using barcode and RFID, taking complete control of asset life cycle.

TracAssets is not only the most feature-rich asset tracking system, but also a complete solution in itself.

A Bird’s-Eye-View of TracAsset’s Most Essential Features

TracAssets - Track


TracAssets is a comprehensive asset management software solution to track all fixed assets, monitor asset usage, calculate depreciation and plan asset disposal.

TracAssets - Manage


The solution covers the entire spectrum of asset management operation from labelling the assets to report generation.

Plan and Market


The application can perform inventory audit of assets faster and more accurately across remote locations.

TracAsset - Plan and Prevent

Plan and Prevent

TracAssets help in asset lifecycle management and planning preventive maintenance resulting in operational efficiency and cost savings.

TracAsset - Flexible


TracAssets can support multiple buildings, locations, and companies. The handheld application allows to track, audit and manage the assets on the go.

TracAsset - Barcode Feature

Barcode Feature

Complete visibility into asset tracking through asset barcoding. The system enables the creation of unique barcode labels for the assets.

Asset Tracking Using RFID

Asset Tracking Using RFID

Automatic tracking of asset movement can be done by configuring RFID tags and RFID readers. Feasibility analysis will be done to check if RFID implementation is a viable option.



The software keeps track of the asset maintenance activities like capturing complaints against faulty assets, managing warranty information and job card process. Preventive maintenance can help avoid breakdown and unplanned repairs and increases the lifespan of the assets.

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Get started with an asset management software that’s easy to use … and easy to love.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Asset tracking is done across most industries today. While some use their own terminology to describe their asset tracking systems, it is at work in multiple industries like retail, shipping, logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, healthcare, energy, construction, education and many other industries.

A few key points should be considered to help you select the right kind of asset tracking solution for your business:

  • How many assets you need to track
  • How valuable are each of your assets
  • What will it cost you in case of losing any assets
  • How much does your current inventory process cost you in time and money
  • How much do you stand to save by adopting a new system
  • What other problems are you looking to solve with an asset tracking system in place

Choosing the asset tracking right system and system provider is critical. A good asset tracking solution should be able to demonstrate. It is also important to find out where the solution provider operates geographically, the installation and training support they provide, the ongoing or integration support that is available, pricing information, and the general track record of the company has.

Most tracking tags are designed to last the full lifecycle of an asset or even can be recycled afterward. Barcodes, RFID, and RTLS tags typically work for many years.

The frequency of asset updates depends on the technologies and systems that are in use. Systems with barcodes will generate updates each time an asset is scanned individually. Whereas RTLS will deliver continual updates, at a specified update rate.

Put TracAssets to Test

Get started with an asset management software that’s easy to use … and easy to love.
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