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Minneapolis, US


Realationship Tenure

5+ Years


The client is a US based organization, who help their clients to value their resources, uncover workplace relationships and provide insights on social networking within the workplace. They engage their clients with leadership development and help them better understand their employees and teams to influence them in the right direction.


Asp.Net MVC, MSSQL, Azure, Windows Service, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Client Name

Keyhubs Voice

Business Challenges


The performance of the existing system was slow which directly impacted the revenue


There was difficulty in measuring Individual, Manager, Team and Organization Trends


There was lack of tools to connect with the team


UI Compatibility issues and lack of user friendliness was prevalent


There was a need of simple and functional interface to improve usability


There was also a need of additional functionalities to get deep insights of entire organization through graphics

The Solution

Responsive design

A mobile responsive website was developed addressing the challenges faced in the existing system.

Improved page loading time

Bottleneck in code and logic was identified which optimized the performance of the application by converting traditional web apps to MVC.

Improved performance

The application was created with responsive UI/UX to provide improved user experience and faster pages. A drag and drop tool was introduced to provide interactive feedback.

data visualization and insights

Trending view with interactive charts provided better data visualization and insights

accelerate communication

A chat tool to connect to accelerate communication within the team and provide instant support


single responsive website

Responsive design ensured that the website is mobile friendly and it reduced bounce rate.

Increase in mobile visits

Improved performance and page load time resulted in optimal user experience and accessibility

Ability to request

Ability to request and provide rating for self and others

easy navigation

User friendly interface and easy navigation helped to acquire new customers and increased customer retention


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