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Employee Engagement



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Minneapolis, US


Realationship Tenure

8+ Years


The client is an US based organization helping their clients value their resources, uncover workplace relationships and provide insights on social networking within the workplace. They help schools to conduct online surveys and get feedback from a large student database. The surveys help the schools to understand their students better and influence them in the right direction.


Asp.Net MVC, MSSQL, Azure, Windows Service, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Client Name

Keyhubs Survey

Business Challenges


The existing website had performance issues


There was a lack of usability for the visitors


There was a need to simplify the survey forms to make it easier in terms of the time and effort taken.


Finding the right tool to represent the outcome was complicated


There was difficulty generating the connection among the people through Survey Results

The Solution

single responsive website

The new website enhanced the usability with attention to detail making it easier to conduct surveys.

create a survey

The organization can create a survey by entering employee list and survey questions.The system will generate a survey link and automatically send it to email.

connectivity between each employee

The employees will be getting a survey link and they will participate. The main feature of this tool is the ability to see the network graph, the graph which will help to understand the collaboration and connectivity between each employee.

data visualization and insights

Charts and graphs representing the connections for better understanding


Improved performance

A simple and great user experience resulting in increased response rate

create a survey

Easy to use survey tool to request and provide real time feedback

User friendly interface

Flexible design and easy to gather data

reach larger audience

Easier to reach larger audience


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