Emergency Support

Emergency Support



Health and Safety



Queensland, Au


Realationship Tenure

2 Years


The client manages an emergency contact database to help individuals during an emergency situation. Their objective is to develop a cloud-based solution that shall provide an interface for the company and its stakeholders (customers, sponsors, fundraisers) to access and utilize the services provided by the company.


Asp.Net MVC, MSSQL, Azure, Windows Service, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Client Name

Esafe Alert

Business Challenges


The client wanted to come up with a quick and easy way to connect family members through the system and also to send alerts to family members through SMS or Phone or Email.


They wanted the ability to introduce people through Sponsor, Fundraiser or get registered directly.


They wanted to Generate ALERT Card with the alert card number and PIN number.

The Solution

automates the process

A solution that completely automates the process of collecting customer details and their Emergency contact details.

emergency notification

An application that allows the customer to set up family and friends so that they can also avail the service option of emergency notification.

accelerate communication

A customized tool for the client to analyze the customers and emergency contact levels and also the Customers through sponsors and fundraisers.


Easy management of subscription

Easy management of subscription and subscribers.

Easy management

Easy management of upgrade and renewal subscription.

automates the process

Faster notification to emergency contacts in case of emergency.


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