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Author : Rinish W Date : Jan 19, 2023

Why DevSecOps is the Need of the Hour?

DevOps blurs the lines between development and operations. It blends both these aspects to help companies deliver software applications better and quicker. In 2021, over 80 percent of IT decision-makers implemented DevOps to tap a higher business value!

But like every other technology and approach, DevOps also has its story of evolution to tell. DevSecOps, the evolved form of DevOps, is precisely what we are referring to here.

Earlier, usually, development used to be almost every company’s prime focus. Security was often an afterthought. But ever-evolving and rising security concerns encouraged DevOps to evolve into DevSecOps, a much better approach to software development. Experts look at DevSecOps as the need of the hour. Let’s examine a few reasons.

What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is development, security, and operations. It is an approach that introduces security earlier in the software development lifecycle (SDLC). In addition, it broadens the collaboration between the development and operations teams to integrate security teams in the software development lifecycle. 

DevSecOps demands a change in the process, tools, and culture across the cure verticals and makes security a shared onus. Thus, every element of the SDLC plays a role in building security in the DevOps CI/CD workflow.

While this is understood and signifies the importance of DevSecOps in the current context, let’s delve into a few reasons that make DevSecOps the need of the hour.

5 Reasons DevSecOps is Crucial to Your Business

Reasons DevSecOps is Crucial to Your Business

Fundamentally, DevSecOps introduces the security aspect from the initial stages of the software development process. But in addition to it, it has various other benefits that make this approach significant. Let’s assess those facets.

1. Shortened Development Cycle

The conventional software development approach involves development, operations, and security teams working separately. Every team in the sequence has to wait for the previous team to finish its task and start its job.

Working with such an approach could delay product development and release. Besides, defects in the product take it back into the cycle, thus requiring even more time, effort, and cost to develop and release. Let alone the product’s quality that suffers!

But DevSecOps integrates all these teams that work collaboratively and simultaneously. It helps cut short the development cycle, as the product is developed, tested, and rectified at the same time. The result is a better, quicker, and more secure product.

2. Increased Proactiveness

DevSecOps refers to a proactive approach, as it has all three core teams working collaboratively and simultaneously. So, while the development team continues developing, the testing unit ensures frequent testing and detection of security vulnerabilities while the development is in progress. Rectification happens immediately after the fault is detected. Nothing is kept to deal with it at a later stage, especially security, dealing with the gaps which would later become herculean!

3. Reduced Development Cost

Imagine discovering a critical security defect (which initially went unnoticed or left unattended) after the product’s launch! Rectifying it could double the development cost, especially if it requires significant architectural changes. 

But DevSecOps takes care of all these aspects from the initial stages. While it takes an expert to integrate this approach, it is way more prudent investing in experts rather than resources you might have to employ later to cover things up. In a nutshell, DevSecOps reduces the overall development cost.

4. Increased Flexibility and Adaptivity

DevSecOps embeds security into the design and development process. Hence, while ensuring enhanced and stronger security, this fundamental approach allows for better flexibility in handling sudden changes. It is also because DevOps involves rolling out the development process in smaller chunks, to which continuous testing is integral. Thus, the team can make changes without reinventing the wheel.

5. Automation

DevSecOps can help companies automate various security protocols, thus increasing the efficiency and operational pace of the project’s security team. Thus, they can focus on more strategically and technically more complicated tasks. 

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