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Why Hire a Dedicated Development Team Rather Than Freelancers?

Many companies consider working with freelancers as they find operating more flexible and cost-effective. Of course, individual experiences and project needs matter and vary. But usually, working with freelancers poses many challenges that might not be visible initially and surface only when the project progresses.

So, what is the solution? Given the various challenges (which we will shortly see), hiring a dedicated development team is! We respect every freelancer’s skill and capacity. But what matters to companies is their investment and returns on it. In the long run, achieving them is more likely to be possible with a dedicated workforce. 

So, here are seven reasons why you must hire a dedicated development team and why doing so is a prudent idea, especially when you eye the bigger picture.

7 Reasons Partnering with a Dedicated App Development Team is More Beneficial than Working with Freelancers

Hiring a dedicated app development workforce is more advantageous than working with freelancers in the following seven ways.

1. Versatile Expertise Packed in a Single Team

The most tangible difference between working with a freelancer/s and a dedicated workforce is the availability of versatile talent. It isn’t that freelancers aren’t skilled. But to leverage diverse talent, you must handpick multiple freelancers from various sources. This could incur time, resources, and energy. But when it comes to the quick and ready availability of diverse talent, working with a dedicated team helps. You would have various skills in a single team, ready at your disposal.

2. Simplified and Quick Communication

Working with various freelancers can complicate communication. Not every freelancer will have the communication channels you use and necessarily abide by your communication protocols. This could hamper communication royally, create silos, and affect deliverables. Besides, following up with each freelancer will drain much of your productive bandwidth, thus distracting you from your key deliverables!

Here, working with a dedicated workforce belonging to a trustworthy app development company can help. The team follows a uniform communication protocol and adheres to the reporting schedules, thus enabling quick, seamless, and transparent communication across the hierarchy and project stages.

3. Better Credibility and Accountability

Finding skilled freelancers might not be as difficult. But as a single-person team, how do you gauge their market credibility? Besides, what about accountability? How do you hold an individual, especially a remote working one, accountable for their errors or acts of non-compliance? Dealing with such situations could become very challenging, especially if the person suddenly disappears from the radar!

But these challenges aren’t as much concern while working with dedicated teams, especially those provided by credible, serious, and accountable app development companies. You can get into proper legal contracts and agreements and set SLAs, adhering to which, without any deviations, will be binding for the team. You would always have a redressal authority with whom you can take up a particular concern. 

4. Authentic Technology Access and Data Security

Developing enterprise-level software demands licensed access to various technologies used during the app development process. But licensed access and versions come with a massive cost associated with them.

Freelancers cannot necessarily afford to invest as much money as much work as individuals by gathering various other freelancers. Given this, you should only opt for dedicated teams working in a formal organizational setup. However, you must not forget to verify whether the company genuinely has licensed versions and access to the required technologies. It will help avoid quality and compliance issues.

In addition, data security could be another concern while working with freelancers. You cannot expect them to have tight security measures or fences to keep security threats at bay. Most will, at the most, have a general anti-virus, the effectiveness of which will have to be gauged per the project’s needs. 

But working with an app development company that offers dedicated developers offers a solution. Such companies have robust security measures and protocols that strictly monitor data flows and help keep attackers at bay. Thus, as the client, you remain relieved of your data’s security. Nevertheless, a stringent evaluation of the company’s security measures is imperative in this case as well.

5. A Solid Supervisory Authority

Freelancer, the word itself indicates that the individual isn’t employed anywhere. Hence, they wouldn’t have supervisory authority to monitor their work and conduct. Thus, freelancers are independent and self-managed!

While this is a plus for any freelancer, it could become a challenge for the client company, as it will not have a superior authority to talk to if the need arises. In situations like these, the company will either have to stop working with the freelancer or be at their virtue to resolve problems, if any.

However, while working with dedicated teams, you will have project managers and the higher management team to address issues, if any. You will not be left alone to handle things on your own. The project team would have organized workflows and a proper escalation matrix that will contribute to supervised and controlled project operations.

6. Quicker Team Up and Down Scaling

Having a freelancing team at your disposal cannot let you have the quick scaling advantage. If you have to scale up your team, you will have to search for freelancers yourself and onboard them. But that’s not the case when you hire a dedicated development team that belong to reputed app development companies. The latter have quick and extensive access to various resource pools from where they can hire developers, testers, etc., and have them on the floor for production.

7. Certain Availability

In the case of freelancers, while some are full-time, some take up projects after office hours to earn extra income. But availability could be a problem with both.

Full-time freelancers may have other projects as well to handle. On the other hand, part-time freelancers may be available only after office hours. The latter will start working when they reach home. But by the time they start working, you will have already called the day. Thus, you will have to dedicate a person from your team to coordinate with the freelancer or handle their concerns, queries, and updates the next day. This could slow down the project’s progress!

Thus, you may go for freelancers only if your project requirement isn’t as crucial or you have enough time on hand to complete it.

For time-sensitive, complex projects with high stakes, you must work with a team of developers dedicatedly to working on your project. They will work in tandem with your team, perhaps, operate beyond your working hours (as needed), and offer a certain availability, where you will not have to deal with unanswered or disconnected calls or call back later messages!

With seven convincing reasons to hire a dedicated development team, you now know which way to go. Choose Techcedence! We are a team of diverse and talented app developers committed to delivering results and excellence. 

Our extensive expertise, experience, technology access, and flexible scaling make us a distinguished and commendable development team. In addition, our proven successful track record and ability to effortlessly deliver the most complex projects contribute to our credibility and trustworthiness in the market. 

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