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Realationship Tenure

3+ Years


The client is a leading business corporation and supplier of products and services to the construction and associated infrastructure sector in Qatar. With over three decades of experience, the company caters to various sectors through a wide range of products, services and solutions. Since inception in 1985, the client has developed over the years to become a high performing diversified conglomerate involved in industrial, retail, and leisure developments along with other lucrative sectors that sustain the local economy.


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Business Challenges

Before implementing the CRM system the client struggled with handling the customer interactions and streamlining the sales process within the organization.


There was lack of information on the projects handled by one division to the other divisions.


The information on the sales executive coordinating with the particular customer, the status of the project, the number of quotations sent, whether the quotations were finalized or not weren’t properly recorded due to the process being manual.


There was no channelized system in place to validate the quotation process and pricing, and the time taken to approve the quotations was high as the process was manual.


Rescheduling the tasks to the sales team and maintaining the history manually was tedious and time consuming.

The Solution

Customer Relationship Management

We have implemented Customer Relationship Management at the client which has helped to create a centralized system to manage and maintain the presales activities of the company.


The solution is widely used across the entire organization including all the divisions, and it gives complete visibility of what the sales team is up to.

Easy management of subscription

It creates a platform where the concerned division managers can manage their own sales team members and also help them achieve their targets


The solution includes provisions to analyze the pipeline, analyze the customer interactions approval workflows, notifications, dynamic reports, data analytics and also a platform to lock the entire sales cycle on a regular basis.

Android and iOS platforms

The solution is accessible through web as well as android and ios mobile and it digitizes the entire process right from the lead identification, lead distribution across all divisions, lead follow up by the division manager, lead assignment to the sales executive, quotation follow-up and approval cycle.


Customer Relationship Management

The CRM system helped to handle sales activities, stay connected with existing customers, find new customers, and provide support and additional services through effective relationships.

effective CRM

The system has helped improve the turnaround time of responding to a particular lead making it quicker and effective.

Improved page loading time

The system captures customer details, customer interest and product enquiries and helps transform sales leads into a smooth conversions.

CRM application

Implementing the CRM application has also offered functionalities to evaluate the present status of customer leads, where the sales manager can quickly check the data and analyze sales operations.

easy navigation

The CRM system helped the management get a better visibility into all the operations and analytical data points.

reach larger audience

The system has helped the management in effective identification and quick closing of leads, increase in the number of leads the team is attending to, accuracy on the data and also easy delegation of roles to handle projects or clients.


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