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Website Development






Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, US


Realationship Tenure

3 Months


The client runs a council for the success of public schools in Bucks and Montgomery counties. Over time, their goal has expanded to advance the understanding and appreciation for the overall value and quality of public education, its pivotal role in our communities, and to bring new viewpoints on education to the forefront. The client promotes the value and quality of public education in Bucks and Montgomery counties through advocacy and activities that highlight the positive contributions of public schools in the region. They also encourage ongoing community support for the success of those public schools.


Wordpress, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Client Name

The Council for the Advancement of Public Schools

Business Challenges


The client wanted to bring about a change to their existing digital presence.


They were lacking a good presence online and wanted to improve their visibility.


Their website wasn't showcasing their numerous events in Bucks and Montgomery Counties that can benefit the students of area public schools.


They were in need of a solid digital presence that could highlight the positive impact of public education in our communities.


They also didn’t have a site that could highlight the brightest public school students and programs so that they can be spotlighted regularly.

The Solution

Improved performance

A website to enhance their digital presence.

improved website

A website that manages and offers enhanced user access effectively and also highlights public education in our communities in an improved way.

User friendly interface

This centralized solution has brought about a digitized presence and platform to coordinate and share information for their convenience.


Improved performance

A revamped digital presence with an enhanced and high functioning website

connectivity between each employee

A platform to connect their audience segments and map their promotions, values and service offerings to be more visible

User friendly interface

Structured navigation on the homepage with links to most important options allowing easy access for visitors to access those pages directly.


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